Amateur :30

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Director Maggie Zackheim had an interesting challenge in a comedy spot for a little known insurance company, via New Orleans agency Trumpet: make a really awful, inept commercial, with stilted dialogue and erratic camera work and editing. In the style of countless pseudo real-people ad conversations, an earnest couple extols Pan American Life, a first-time advertiser, hence the parody idea. While the man scrambles to stay in frame and sprays the lens with a garden hose, his wife is seen alternately bottle-feeding a doll and discoursing from a variety of incongruous locations, thanks to bizarre jump cutting. "Give us a break," says the tag. "We're new at this." Even the closing super is all wrong.

Client: Pan American Life Agency: Trumpet/New Orleans CD/AD/CWs: Pat McGuinness, Robbie Vitrano Agency Producer: Debbie Koppman Director: Maggie Zackheim/HKM Editor: Kyle Curry/Storyville

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