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With the brilliant tagline, "Girls have wet dreams too," Matthews/Mark in San Diego offers up this beautifully illustrated print piece for the all-female surfing school, Surf Diva. The ads were done gratis, because, according to AE John Cihomsky, "a group of women from our agency enrolled and thought it was way cool."

Client: Surf Diva Agency: Matthews/Mark, San Diego AD: Paul Kreutz CW: Guy Hufferd Illustrator: Harry Daily

If balls could talk

The thick brogue of a suitor singing, "Let me call you sweetheart," carries across the green plain. Nope, it's not springtime in Ireland; it's golf season. The suitor is a golf ball with a mouth, and the object of affection is a bag of Ping golf clubs. In another spot from this talking-ball campaign, an old grandfather ball complains about new balls taking the Ping clubs for granted, claiming, "I've got more scars than a prize fighter. And that's just on the outside." At least he can't get an ear bitten off.

Client: Ping Agency: The Martin Agency/Richmond CD/CW: Joe Alexander AD: Sean Riley Director: Neil Tardio, Fuel Productions Editor: David Brixton and Livio Sanchez/The Lookinglass Company Music: Primal Scream

From bogie to Bogey

In a brilliantly acted, utterly off-the-wall campaign directed by John O'Hagan, a series of golfers excitedly explain why Callaway balls are so effective. One man claims that there is an extraterrestrial chemical used in the balls: "They beam it down through the Internet and download it right into the ball." Others claim it is sand-repellent, allergic to grass, powered by micro-wings, and attracted to the cooler temperature of the hole. "It's like a heat seeking missile. Only in reverse." One spooked-out duffer even wonders if he was part of a testing group that was transported underground to try the new model, and then forced to eat pastries treated with memory-erasing properties. Surreal.

Client: Callaway Golf Agency: Matthews/Mark CD/CW: Michael Mark AD: Mark Albertazzi Producer: Amy Krause Director: John O'Hagan

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