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Who knew it was possible to do good work for a steakhouse without making fun of vegetarians? Exhorting us to "Worship the cow," SKS advertising modernizes this old boys' staple for Las Vegas' Oxo Steak & Seafood with a bright Warhol-esque design that almost seems vegan-friendly.

Client: OXO Steak and Seafood Agency: SKS Advertising, Las Vegas CD: Bernice Bamburak AD: Michael Disbennett

Two-minute Drill

If you're going to write misogynist sports fan copy, you may as well be as witty as this little zinger. In a campaign of mostly standard sports fan copy (like "Hate is not a family value. Unless you're playing the Raiders") for Kansas City's WHB sports radio, this jumps right out. But still, can she fake an orgasm for an entire Sunday afternoon?

Client: WHB Sports Radio Agency: Sullivan Higdon & Sink Executive CD: Joe Norris ACD: John January CW: Tug McTighe/John January AD: Paul Diamond

Money Talks

Deutsch's Snapple legacy lives on in a First Tennessee bank campaign, featuring guys in big rectangular dollar bill costumes. Though the concept, from Memphis agency Thompson & Co., is quite reminiscent of Snapple's "fruit camp" scenarios, the spots make the most of the various money puns at their disposal. In one :30, designed to show how hardworking First Tennessee cash is, a money coach (kind of a personal trainer) leads his squadron of bills in calisthenics and weight training. He explains his philosophy: "You could say I'm in it for the money," he deadpans. "We're not all made of money."

Client: First Tennessee Agency: Thompson & Co. CD: Trace Hallowell AD: Sloan Cooper/Kenny Patrick CW: Alan Wolstencroft Producer: Iddo Patt Director: Jonathan Bekemeier Production Company: Picture Park, Boston Editor: Carl MacNeal

Crime Seen

On a dark street corner, six unlikely, bespectacled vandals gather to spraypaint "Freedom now" on a storefront featuring large-type books. Police cars arrive on the scene, and the middle-aged hoodlums begin to protest. "We wanna see better. Is that a crime?" yells one. A policeman hands a man the card with his Miranda rights and asks him to read it. "You have the night to refrain silent," the man begins, holding the card at arm's length. The policeman shakes his head disgustedly. As they're shipped off to jail one cries out, "It's because of my sight, isn't it? Because I'm presbyopic!" And so begins a campaign starring the Presbyopic Six - political prisoners who believe they're being discriminated against because of their defective near vision. Then they're handed glasses with new "revolutionary" Varilux lenses that provide sharp vision near, far and in between. Another cause bites the dust.

Client: Varilux Agency: DDB/Dallas CCO/CW: Steve Bassett Group CD/AD: Carl Warner Agency Producer: Carrie Birnbaum Director: David Ramser Production Company: A+R Group DP: Larry Fong Editor: Jack Waldrip, Charlie Uniform Tango Sound Design: Keith Lomenzo/Jamie Harman, JSM

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