Some Assembly Required

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Wieden + Kennedy/London and Partizan Midi Minuit director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet have produced, rather early on in 2003, what may well be the spot of the year:"Cog," a two-minute U.K. Honda Accord tour de force that may also be the ultimate Rube Goldberg contraption. The spot features a chain reaction of Honda parts, started by a single cog, interacting in whimsical ways until they finally activate the automatic hatch on a fully-assembled Accord. Although this director is known for his work with special effects, and this would seem to be heavily CG-enhanced, the entire sequence was reportedly captured in-camera, with nary a digital trick. Because of space limitations, the series was filmed in two parts and spliced together, although it still took more than 600 takes to capture the final film. Other unusual movements, like tires rolling uphill, were accomplished by weighting them from the inside. It is a bit of a letdown that after ogling this stunningly lengthy mechanical procession all we get is a boring Accord, but at least it's not a Civic.

Client: Honda Agency: W+K/London CDs: Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth AD: Matt Gooden CW: Ben Walker Agency Producer: Rob Steiner Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet/Partizan Midi Minuit Editor: Bill Smedley/The Quarry, London Sound Design: Johnnie Burn/Wave

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