Bank Capades

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A Winter Olympics campaign by Bozell/New York, for Bank of America, doesn't take itself too seriously. Four :30s show bank employees competing in the Games - and doing very, very badly. Each spot opens on a sports scene and the VO: "At Bank of America, we really wanted to participate in the Winter Olympics." In one spot, two beginning figure skaters precariously cling to each other on the ice. In another, a bobsled team fails to actually get into the sled and the "athletes" careen down the course on their bellies. Others feature a clumsy speed skater slamming into a judge, and a hopeless goalie who fails to ward off any and every puck shot at him on the ice. Once the truth about their athletic abilities is out, the VO states: "But in the end we decided to get there by doing what we do best - banking." But the joke does not extend to the "Official sponsor" super that closes the spots. Bank of America does indeed enjoy "category exclusivity" at the Winter Olympics.

Client: Bank of America Agency: Bozell/N.Y. ECD: Tony Granger GCDs: Glenn Batkin, Brett Howlett AD: Lori Sibal CWs: Joe Perry, Ed Johnson Agency Director/Producer: Andrew Chinich, Serena Harragin Director: Jake Scott Production Co: RSA Editor: Robin Birchall/Consulate Sound Design: Eric Nagy/Consulate

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