Bed Head

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Il Postino suffers a direct hit in this spot for Red Wing shoes, from brainy little Minneapolis agency One and All. In it, a pair of construction workers catches a co-worker loafing on the job in a big comfy bed. He insists that he's "working his tail off," and that the bed is merely a "metaphor" for how his shoes make him feel. The co-workers are unconvinced, but their confidence is shaken when the foreman is also seen lounging in a bed. "I gotta get me a pair of those metaphors," says one of the disgruntled workers. Surely this is the breakthrough "intellectual" workboot spot that will begin a new chapter in the history of American footwear advertising.

Client: Red Wing Agency: One and All GCD/CW: Mike Lescarbeau AD: Mike Fetrow Agency Producer: Lisa Keljik Director: Jim Jenkins/Hungry Man Editor: Charley Schwartz/Uppercut Sound Design: Wow and Flutter

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