Big Girl, Big Heart

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Yeah, we've seen 50-foot women before, but never with this much sheer charm. When giantess fetishists get a load of this Italian Puma spot on the web, they'll be swooning. She not only starts out by spilling a guy out of his car right into her mouth, she also has nasty greenish-yellow heat vision and she's so cute when she petulantly snaps a ballistic missile in half. Italian soccer star Gianluigi Buffon saves the day simply by planting his hunky, though relatively microscopic, self in front of the oversized vixen, who instantly falls in love with him.

Client: Puma Agency: Gyro CD: Steven Grasse AD: Brian Barto Agency Producer: Kristi Tropp Director: Mark Kohr/Bob Industries/Sawyer Productions, Italy Editor: Dan Noble Effects: Aaron Kohr, Cameron Noble Music/Sound: Malcolm Payne

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