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Seemingly the last source of inspiration for a car commercial -- the nature documentary -- is the premise of Rubin Postaer & Associates' print and television campaign for the Honda CR-V.

The spots feature a Jane Goodall type narrating her studies of the activities of the "Nomadic Male" -- nonverbal men who travel in packs in a Honda CR-V. Each spot manages to describe the features of the vehicle without force-feeding any car credentials.

While fitting in with the guy-humor trend, this trip through testosterone territory is a little different from the current crop of frat-boy funfests. First off, no breasts. And according to creative director Larry Postaer, "These guys aren't part of the joke -- they are the joke." But not to worry, it's a campaign that nicely appeals to both sexes. "Guys can laugh at themselves and women can laugh at them too," adds Postaer, who explains that the nature documentary format is not meant to make grand claims about the car's off-road capabilities. "The CR-V is not designed to climb Pike's Peak or Mount Everest. Sure it's a fun car, but 99 percent of all travel is done on Wilshire Boulevard."

To keep the documentary feeling real, the creatives went with director Errol Morris, who has a strong documentary background but is not known as a sheet metal shooter. They also wanted the actress to be very serious about her studies of these guys and their daily activities, which include watching football, swatting mosquitos, eating -- and not too much else.

Any sign of a backlash from men's groups upset that males are being compared to gorillas? Says art director Chuck Blackwell, "The only backlash is that Honda can't produce the cars fast enough. It's leaving the other guys in the dust." Sounds like there's some chest-pounding going on at Rubin Postaer.

Client: Honda Agency: Rubin Postaer and Associates, Santa Monica CD: Larry Postaer ACDS: Wendi Knox & Mark Erwin AD: Chuck Blackwell CW: Jim Real Director: Errol Morris, @radical.media Producers: Monica Bunch, Rubin Postaer; Jon Kamen, Frank Scherma & Robert Fernandez, @radical.media Editor: Angus Wall, Rock Paper Scissors Sound Design: Mesmer Ave Photographer: Will Van Overbeek

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