Blood simple

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Marking the directing debut of Caskey Ebeling, formerly a writer and producer, and a VP at Digital Entertainment Network, is UBI Jeans' "Blood Hunt" :60 - one of those ultrahip, semi-impenetrable forays into visual excess, apparently offering us mostly a mosquito's-eye perspective. The action in a nutshell: a mosquito is buzzing around looking to bite something, which affords us a wonderful overhead shot of a chick swabbing a toilet, her barely bra'd cleavage rumbling mountainously - "As you can imagine, casting for real breasts in L.A. was a feat; we needed bounceability," notes Ebeling. The mosquito, finally revealed in all its CG glory, is about to attack a newborn in a chic delivery room worthy of Helmut Newton, when the father swats the bug against his leg and smears its blood into his jeans. Hence the tag, "They become you." As Ebeling explains, "UBIs get dirty with you. If your jeans could talk, wouldn't they have twisted stories to tell? Mine would." Now we're panting with anticipation.

Client: Ubiquitous Industries Agency: In-house CD: Caskey Ebeling ACD/AD: Valerie Ang-Powell CD/CW: Sally Hogshead Producers: Ulrich Simpson, Malcolm Crews Director: Caskey Ebeling/Revolver Films/The Ebeling Group Editor: Olaf Garcia/Rock Paper Scissors Effects: Creo Sound Design: Michael Anastasi

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