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The golf humor frenzy continues, we're happy to note, and Titleist has enlisted none other than John Cleese in the comedy cause. In a videotaped mock-documentary spot, shot by David Kellogg, Cleese, playing one of his patented red-faced loonies in a snit, pushes a cream pie into the face of the company's chairman/CEO, Wally Uihlein (it was the creative team's idea to use the actual client, they proudly report), who's announcing a new product at a Titleist press conference. Cleese grabs the microphone and fumes about the company's new NXT Distance ball, which is apparently taking the sporting challenge out of golf. Declaring that he's a "golf course architect," Cleese rants, "Golf is supposed to be difficult! Golfers are supposed to suffer!" before being dragged away kicking and screaming by security. Next time out we can only hope for a silly walk on the green.

Client: Titleist Agency: Arnold Worldwide CCO: Ron Lawner CDs: John Petruney/Mick Kaldenbaugh AD: Mary Rich CW: Craig Johnson Agency Producer: Bryan Sweeney Director: David Kellogg Production Co: Anonymous Content Editor: Glenn Martin, Nomad Editorial

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