Bone of Contention

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Those who are not in the Dew demo will remember Davey & Goliath, a Sunday morning cartoon presented by the Lutheran Church. On the air from the 1960s to the early '70s, each show matched an ethical question with a moral solution, illustrated by the travails of two boys and a dog. A new spot for Mountain Dew, from BBDO/New York and animators Wreckless Abandon, resurrects the virtuous characters, down to their groovy shirts. The stop-motion :30 shows the boys fighting over a can of the youth elixir until Davey's father tells them to cut it out - then gulps the Dew to "teach them a lesson." "What just happened here?" Tommy asks. "We've been hosed, Tommy, we've been hosed," Davey answers glumly. The original version of the spot has Davey saying they'd been "boned," but PepsiCo vetoed the word. Ironically, the Lutheran Church (which sold the rights to the characters) didn't have a problem with it. "The Church was OK with 'boned,' " shrugs ECD Bill Bruce. That wasn't the only challenge in creating this spot. "Our marching orders were to match the original show down the line," says head animator Mike Bannon. "We went to great pains to get it right." The team even tried to cast the original voice of Davey - a woman in her 80s, who, alas, died a week before production began.

Client: Mountain Dew Agency: BBDO/N.Y. CCO: Ted Sann ECD: Bill Bruce AD: Doris Cassar Agency Producer: Hyatt Choate Director/Sound Design: Michael Bannon/Wreckless Abandon Editor: Dan Pejril/Wreckless Abandon

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