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This Joe Public director's cut of a new Italian spot for an internet-based video-on-demand package called FastWeb is so good it looks like one of the top 10 music videos of the year. The all-visuals narrative: A guy spends his entire life with a box on his head. He was apparently born with a box on his head, or maybe they put it on him as soon as he popped into the light. But it hasn't hampered his social life. He has hot girlfriends, plays drums in a rock band, seems to do it all. This is shown via assorted, brilliantly executed pseudo-home movie footage that includes a nifty nod to The Graduate. At the end of the spot, he's removing the box on a TV talk show, but there's a cut to a super before the reveal: "Now you can see who you're talking to." The music on the air version is the Ramones cover of "What a Wonderful World"; on the director's cut it's Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)," which couldn't be more appropriate.

Client: FastWeb Agency: Ata DMC, Milan Creatives: Giorgio Natale, Federica Ariagno, Alberto De Martini, Nicoletta Levi, Cristina Rolando, Arianna Davighi Director: Joe Public/Headquarters/(H) Films, Milan Editor: Michael Elliot/Mad River Post Effects: Ben Gibbs/Sea Level

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