Breakfast Smarts

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It doesn't happen often, but we're here to praise a breakfast cereal campaign, from Kellogg's, no less. The latest Special K/Smart Start TV work posits the products as diet food - an intrinsically boring idea that's redeemed by bowlfuls of snappy, excellently paced comedy dialogue, backed by appropriately wacky music. Faux man-on-the-street soundbites like, "I love fruit, fruit's good - banana splits, blueberry cobbler . . ." and "I'm on the downsizing diet - I've gone from a cake to a cupcake and a pizza to an individual pizza," are strung together so they play almost like snippets of a standup routine.

Client: Kellogg's Agency: Leo Burnett CD: Gary Doyle AD: Tom Gordon CW: Jason Wright Agency Producers: Ken Gilbert, Brian Baysham Director: Kevin Smith/Backyard Productions Editor: Chris Claeys/Cutters Effects: SOL Design Music: Larry Pecorella/Comma Music

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