Breaking the Ice

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A hip new gum spot out of Canada makes fresh use of a tired theme, with excellent acting, wicked timing and sharp direction. The spot takes place in a laundromat where a Courteney Cox stand-in is folding her clothes. A guy approaches her with a series of loud, painful pickup lines: "Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?" "Are those spacepants? Cuz your butt is out of this world." The spooked girl can't get rid of him, when another guy, watching with growing impatience in the corner, suddenly ambles her way and says, "Hi, honey. Here's the Dentyne you wanted." She takes the gum and spontaneously kisses him with the passion of sweet relief. The come-on king takes off, and the two new friends shyly introduce themselves.

Client: Dentyne Ice Agency: Bates Canada AD: Kerry Reynolds CW: Mark Fitzgerald Agency Producer: Terry Kavanaugh Director: John Mastromonaco/Bravo Zulu Editor: David Baxter/Panic & Bob

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