Britney's Time Machine

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She's not a girl, but she's young enough to drink Pepsi for half a century: In this high-energy :90, Britney Spears, as the definition of youthful vitality, sings and dances her way through five decades of era-appropriate Pepsi jingles and scenarios, all with the old Pepsi theme, "For the younger generation." In 1958, Britney sported Capris and Marilyn curls in a black-and-white diner; in 1966, she's a beach bunny in plastic-flower pink and yellow; '70s Britney is groovy on a trampoline. In the '80s, Britney blew her hair back and strutted Robert Palmer's stuff, and, finally, '90s Britney is ripe with "Thriller" accents (black-studded leather, ripped T-shirts, gloves) as she cheerleads a pack of her contemporaries in a deserted parking lot. But the best thing about this is Bob Dole isn't in it.

Client: Pepsi Agency: BBDO/N.Y. CCO: Ted Sann ECD/CW: Michael Patti AD: Don Schneider Agency Producer: Regina Ebel Music Producer: Rani Vaz Editor: Sherri Margulies/Crew Cuts Director: Joe Pytka/Pytka Productions

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