Building Mo in Motown

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To rally b-ball support for Detroit's flagging Pistons, Minneapolis agency Olson & Co. developed a collateral campaign that plays off the city's former reputation as the home of the Great American Work Ethic. Centered around the idea that fans should "go to work" for their team, the agency developed time cards for tickets, and forced fans to "punch in" for admittance to the stadium. Other components include season ticket renewal books modeled after a Department of Labor annual report; metal Help Wanted signs recruiting for jobs like "belly painter"; and even an original "Go to Work" anthem. "For the past decade, Piston fans were considered the most apathetic in pro sports," says copywriter Tom Fugleberg. "Since we started this campaign, attendance is way up."

Client: Detroit Pistons Agency: Olson & Co. CD: John Olson AD: Mike Caguin CW: Tom Fugleberg

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