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Heal and toe

Never mind the usual allegations that a pair of sneakers will make you a better runner or a better jumper. They pale in contrast to a new Adidas campaign, from Dutch agency 180, which claims that wearing the product will make you an all-around better person -- and they have some hilarious sports star-studded spots to prove it. Tennis babe Anna Kournikova, rugby player Jonah Lomu, sprinter Ato Boldon and ultrahunky Manchester United footballer David Beckham wear Adidas and perform odd community services (such as rescuing a land-lost fish). Our favorite spot features Mr. Posh Spice, aka Beckham, and a wacky cast of extras who relate what happened one night when a guy dropped his empty bag of greasy fish and chips on the ground: basically, Beckham threw it out, but he did it in a manner that ordinary mortals will want to tell their grandchildren about. He sees the garbage, and just as he's about to pick it up, he instead carefully sets up his shot and kicks it on a perfect goalie-defying arc into a rubbish bin across the street. Tag: "Adidas makes you better." At the very least, it makes for better commercials.

Client: Adidas Agency: 180/Amsterdam CD: Larry Frey ACD/CW: Lorenzo De Rita AD: Dean Maryon Director: Fredrik Bond, Harry Nash Productions Producer Jackie Adler, 180, Helen Williams, Harry Nash & Bart Nopper (Photo Stills) Photography: Morad Bouchakour Post: The Final Cut

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