Campaign: B.C. Dairy

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We didn't even know they had cows in Canada. We thought they all drank moose milk. The fact is, our neighbors to the north at Palmer Jarvis DDB have out-mooed "Got Milk?" with a disembodied piece of genius youth marketing: heads attached to feet. The one spot available at press time features these milk-deprived shorties trying to walk their dogs. Let's just say it's bitchin'. "Apart from being a strategically smart campaign, I think the ads will draw tremendous attention because of their originality," says CD Alan Russell. "The concept, the storylines, the visual craziness and the surprising payoff are all so unexpected for the milk category that I can't imagine anyone not being able to recall these commercials, even after one viewing." This ain't just hype. Working with the agency's integrated youth marketing division, DDB Kid Think, the client came to the realization that trying to position milk as a cool social beverage just won't fly with teens. But illustrating the fatuity of, for instance, trying to pee in a urinal when you haven't got a bladder, among other essential parts, is the essence of modern-day hip. The accompanying website (, which offers 3-D tools that allow users to play with the no-body concept, was created by Tribal DDB, the agency's interactive division.

Client: B.C. Dairy Foundation Agency: Palmer Jarvis DDB, Vancouver CD: Alan Russell ACD/AD: Dean Lee ACD/CW: James Lee Director: John Lindauer/Believe Media Editor: Chris Gernon/Beachwood Studios Music: Bob Smart/Wave Productions Effects/Animation: Digital Domain Photographer: Philip Rostron

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