Campaign: Blink 102.7 FM

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WNEW-FM in New York, where rock lived for decades as a New York radio mainstay, has become Blink 102.7, one of those female-targeted newfangled radio concepts, whose slogan is "Music. Gossip. Entertainment." As sad as that may be, the inaugural Blink campaign, themed "Or you'll miss it," from BBH/New York, has much to recommend it. Two spots, directed by Evan Bernard, mock bloated music industry egos, as we see a bitch on wheels of a diva about to get her hair burned off by her suffering stylist; and a rapper in the process of pretentiously buying five SUVs get the news over a car radio that his label has dropped him. "Given my connections to the music business and my experience making music videos, I'm quite familiar with over-the-top music stars," says Bernard. "The challenge was not to make the characters seem overly farcical, since many of them do a good job of satirizing themselves." The pink print keeps up the ego-baiting, with disses of Jennifer Lopez and others and partly obscured wild postings that would do Fatty Arbuckle proud. "Making everything shocking pink really sets the perfect tone - this feeling of something startling," notes ECD Kevin McKeon. "You definitely can't miss the outdoor."

Client: Blink 102.7 FM Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, N.Y. ECD: Kevin McKeon ACDs: Kim Schoen, Kerry Keenan: ADs: Bill Moulton, Matt Campbell, Gianfranco Arena CWs: Bill Moulton, Carl Loeb, Kerry Keenan, Peter Kain Agency Producer: Stacey Higgins Director: Evan Bernard/Chelsea Pictures Editor: Ian MacKenzie/MacKenzie Cutler

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