Campaign: The Buddy Lee Challenge

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Buddy Lee is back, but his cocky "Can't Bust `Em" slogan has made him some enemies. In the new campaign, the diminutive Lee jeans silent spokesdoll must vie with SuperGreg the DJ, Curry the Racecar Driver, and Roy the Football Player, each of whom wants to best and bust Buddy. David Lubars, Fallon president and creative director explains, "We introduced Buddy Lee two years ago and it was undergroundy and cool. Then people get used to it and it got toward the middle of the road. We wanted to put it back in the ditch, so we could keep kids entertained and surprised." Mission accomplished. In one spot, SuperGreg, whom Lubars describes as "half later-period Freddie Mercury," challenges Buddy to a DJ contest. Buddy manages to transcend the limitations of his immobility by holding a fork that's submerged in an electric eel tank; the current causes him to not only do the dopest turntable scratching, but he ends his act by shooting into the air on a surge of voltage, landing in a perfect breakdance spin. Each of Buddy's competitors also has his own website. Curry's perfectly amateur site begins, "I am Curry. A slim and handsome race car driver. Here are some FAST and BASIC facts about me!!!" As his opponents lather themselves into macho furies, Buddy Lee remains calmly impervious. Rock on, little fella.

Client: Lee Agency: Fallon/Minneapolis CD: David Lubars Group CD: Mike Lescarbeau AD: Paul Malmstrom CW: Linus Karlsson Agency Producer: Brian DiLorenzo Director: Frederik Bond Production Co.: Harry Nash, London Executive Producer: Helen Williams Editor: Rick Russell Post-production: The Mill, London Music: Pepe DeLuxe, Helsinki Sound: Scramble, London

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