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Sync Different

A tubby man in boxer shorts rushes onto a busy sidewalk. He points at the ground excitedly, hops around, and yells, "You're mine, baby!" A moment later, he straightens up, looks somewhat chagrined, and walks away. As soon as he's out of sight, a bag of money drops onto the spot he was pointing at. In another :30, a man sits down at a diner. The waitress pours coffee on the counter and then brings him a cup and saucer; the chef slaps a burger down and then smooshes a plate on top of it. As the customer stares, dumfounded, the waitress comes over and asks what he'll have. The tagline: "Sync is everything." The Black Rocket creative team opted for a straightforward concept, synchronization, to convey the use of their fairly complex product from FusionOne: a website that can transmit data to a cell phone, pager, computer and PDA. "We thought `sync' would be a good word for FusionOne to own," says AD Joel Rodriguez. "If you actually tried to explain what this product is, it would take a half hour."

Client: FusionOne Agency: Black Rocket CD: Bob Kerstetter/Steve Stone AD: Steve Stone/Joel Rodriguez CW: Bob Kerstetter/Paul Charney/Dave Lowe Producer: Stacey Higgins Director: Bob Kerstetter Production Company: Tool of North America Editor: Bob Frisk, Phoenix Editorial Sound: Andy Newell, Earwax

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