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The seven-year relationship between Dutch hot shop KesselsKramer and the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam ended last month when a :30 for the youth hostel was banned in England by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre, which led to a falling out between client and agency. In the spot, a girl awakens from a late-night bender, hauls herself out of bed and steps on a condom, which oozes its contents onto the floor and sends her tumbling backward. Although the spot is running on MTV in Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia, British standards say rubbers must be wrapped. "I think it's so wrong that a few old people get to judge what is good and bad taste," says CD Johan Kramer. "By European standards, we thought this ad was not the most horrible."

Fortunately, the broadcast flap did not affect the print component of the campaign. The "Just Like Home" concept grew out of research that found bedrooms belonging to the hotel's clientele to be "just as shitty" as those in the Brinker, explains Kramer. Thus, the hotel is "just like home" - it offers the same very basic amenities.

Photographers fanned out around the globe to create the poster series, trolling the streets for the great unwashed. Creatives at KesselsKramer examined hundreds of backpackers' bedrooms and wrote captions describing their living situations and what they would expect from a hotel; basically "a place to sleep, shower, and make fun under the covers."

The Brinker account was the agency's first, and Kramer says he hopes the rift isn't irreparable. After all, how many clients embrace a strategy based on the idea that "Youngsters come in fresh and ripe and they leave bruised and hung over."

Client: Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Agency: KesselsKramer Strategy: Matthijs de Jongh CW: David Bell/Johan Kramer AD: Erik Kessels Agency Producer/Producer: Francine van der Lee Production Company: KesselsKramer Director: Johan Kramer Editor Doug @ DGW Sound: Nick Smith @ Vonk Sound Poster Design: Krista Rozema Photography: Jaqueline Hassink

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