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Presto Strange-o

So much for athletic shoe lines like Air Jordan and DMX. Apparently sneaker chic is taking a turn for the Xtreme-cerebral; the new Nike Presto campaign showcases a system of nomenclature that we don't fully understand, but it sure is intriguing. The names of the Presto shoes are loosely derived from their color combinations, but "loosely" is the operative word here. An orange-and-black shoe is called Brutal Honey. Catfight Shiner is a blue-and-gray combo. Figure out Shady Milkman and Unholy Cumulus for yourself. Each shoe is accompanied by a spare, cartoon-like representation of the image, and the Presto Website ( invites patrons to enter a naming contest for the next shoe. Postcards with the sneakers and images also feature explanatory copy like, "Jack Mackerel. Jack's your buddy. Jack's your pal. Jack's a disembodied fish head," and "Catfight shiner. It used to be a perfectly good eye. Used to be." And athletic shoe campaigns used to be humongous basketball players doing the usual dunk-and-hang routines, so this is one big breath of fresh Air. Moreover, whoever Brutal Honey is, we bet she'll look great with a catfight shiner.

Client: Nike Agency: Wieden & Kennedy CD: Hal Curtis/Bob Moore AD: Monica Taylor CW: Dylan Lee Agency Producer: Jennifer Smieja Production Company: Oil Factory Director: Shynola

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