Campaign: Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

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What have we here? A subtle, strangely beautiful videogame campaign? No sex, no violence, no humor - yet it rocks! One spot features butterflies in a dark forest, flying toward the eerie glare of the new Game Boy; the other depicts a pseudo time lapse flower blossoming at night. Both are driven by great effects from Method and great music from Spank. "This is a simple, elegant, graphic demonstration of the power of light to attract," explains Leo Burnett ECD Jonathan Hoffman. "And light is one of the many features that will make this product irresistible to people. The tone of the campaign is adult by design, reaching beyond Nintendo's usual target. The GBA SP is more than a toy; it's a high-tech, sophisticated product, and the advertising has to reflect that." Tagline: "Brilliant." It fits.

Client: Nintendo Agency: Leo Burnett ECD: Jonathan Hoffman CDs: Dominick Maiolo, Bill Stone CW: Matt Horton AD: Dustin Smith Agency Producers: Ron Nelken, Sergio Lopez Director: Dante Ariola/MJZ Editor: Katz/Cosmo Street Effects: Method Music: Spank Photographer: Erwin Olaf

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