Campaign: PS2 Primal

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The theme for the violent videogame actioner called Primal is "Civilization is only skin deep." That may be too kind. But the notion is nicely illustrated in a TV spot that exploits stock footage of people engaged in assorted beastly behavior - a clutterbuster in itself in this most clutterbusting of categories. Add very arresting multipage print ads that limn strangely sexy woman-to-monster transformations, and we're hooked. Throw in a website that gamers can get into and you have a very civilized media assault indeed, compliments of TBWAChiatDayL.A. "This concept, like the videogame, is based on the delicate balance of chaos and order that exists in society and the individual," says writer Raymond Hwang. "The spot was produced long before the war in Iraq, and there was some concern as to whether or not we should run it. However the spot was never meant to judge, critique or incite. Instead, it holds up a mirror to society and exposes a timeless truth. So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive." The online component of the campaign (linked via, Hwang says, "delves deeper into the multilayered worlds of the game. The website has no navigation and instead allows visitors to discover embedded videos and a hidden minigame on their own."

Client: Playstation2 Agency: TBWAChiatDayL.A. CDs: Jerry Gentile, Erik Moe CW: Raymond Hwang AD: Chuck Monn Agency Producer: Carrie Jacobson Director: James Brown/Smuggler Editor: Dan Bootzin/Venice Beach Editorial Music/Sound Design: Stimmung Photographer: Nute Nicholson Retoucher: Gordon Morris/Rocket Studios Online CW: Steven Amato Online AD: Shervin Samari

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