Campaign: Spirit Mountain Casino

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The joy luck club

A James Dean wannabe with an affinity for pastels cruises through town sporting a pink leather jacket as he commands the wheel of his pink Caddy. Driving by a yard sale, he spots the perfect pink cowboy hat sitting on an old washing machine.

A man coats a slice of bread with jelly, then drops the bread on the floor. It lands jelly-side up.

In both cases, there's slot machine-style spinning type onscreen, followed by "Luck," and of course the first word comes up "Good." Spirit Mountain Casino is reminding us that life is totally random, so you may as well spend your money on gambling. OK, that's not a direct quote from the copy, but there is something about these off-kilter scenarios that makes us want to believe the tagline, "Luck happens." Even though we all know what really happens, and it doesn't begin with an L.

Client: Spirit Mountain Casino Agency: Borders Perrin and Norrander, Inc. CD: Terry Schneider AD: Kent Suter CW: John Heinsma Agency Producer: Karen Coster Director: Mark Greenfield Production Company: Food Chain Photography: R.J. Muna Graphics: Theorem with Pinnacle Studios

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