Campaign: Sticky Zingers

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When you're selling a product as unusual and, frankly, superfluous, as the stamp-sized, self-developing sticky photographs of the Polaroid i-zone camera, it helps to provide consumers with some potential product uses. And, when you're thinking up these ideas, it helps to have a muse. Like, for example, the remote-controlled fart machine, to which the creative team of Lisa Leone and Matt Horton attribute much of their inspiration. "The i-zone is like the whoopee cushion of cameras," says Leone. "And we're very immature."

I-zone spots reflect this attitude. One features a guy trying to choose a urinal. Each time he settles in, he looks up and finds a picture stuck to the wall of two girls laughing and pointing. In one, the girls are even smiling and peering downward through a magnifying glass. He looks at himself worriedly and hurries from the bathroom without relief. In another considerably warmer spot, a cute dude in a diner finds himself staring at the red bindhi on a beautiful Indian chick's forehead. She eventually takes a picture of her third eye and sticks the little photograph on his forehead in a sort of miniature come-on. "The pictures are part of a larger bold act or scheme," says Leone of the characters' stunts. Each spot ends with the bizarre tagline, "The film's sticky, not the camera." "We wanted to leave you with a slightly off feeling," explains Horton. "The obviousness of it, that the camera isn't sticky, shows that we're not taking ourselves too seriously." We think it's safe to say that the team that brings its own bodily sound effects machine to a casting call (prompting earnest teens to ask if they were feeling OK) is in no danger of that.

Client: Polaroid i-zone Agency: Leo Burnett ECD: Jonathan Hoffman CD: Kerry Keenan AD/ACD: Lisa Leone CW/CD: Matt Horton Agency Producer: Vince Geraghty Director: Noam Murro Production Company: Biscuit Filmwerks Sound: John Binder, Another Country Music: Ashe & Spenser Editor: Sean Berringer, Red Car

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