Campy Summer Fun

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Welcome to Camp DSL, the training ground for future DSL customer service agents, sponsored by the competition, AT&T High-Speed Internet Service. At Camp DSL, counselors advise diffident future reps on how to dodge straight answers, destroy trust and strike "guarantee" from their vocabularies. Besides a host of easel-and-pointer seminars, aspiring agents play Pin the Blame on the ISP and learn how to make unreadable micro-fine print contracts with potato stamps. "Look how small you got those letters!" says a counselor approvingly. Another spot shows a woman crashing to the ground in an unfortunate "trust fall." "Lunch?" the campers say, stepping over her body.

Client: AT&T Broadband Agency: The Richards Group GCD: Kevin Swisher CW: Matt Bull AD: Matt Merrill Agency Producer: Dan Calhoun Director: Maggie Zackheim/Satellite Editor: Tom Aberg/Easyway Editorial Sound Design: Gary Guzman/Spank

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