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Call it Pathetic Art. Or just call it garbage. But it definitely cuts though the clutter, and it does so while including a lingering product shot and plenty of logo coverage. Taxi's latest Canadian Reactine campaign features a lunatic in a TV news format, who starts with his back to the camera, then spins around to behave like an even bigger imbecile. In one spot he plays that dumbass finger game with the knife. In another, he trots out some stuffed animals and a wolf head to illustrate how Reactine works against pet allergies. Then he's crowing through a bullhorn that "Reactine is working for the people." According to the agency, this is necessarily low-budget work with a short air life during ragweed season, and the actor is a "real" person. In fact, he's a gardener.

Client: Reactine Agency: Taxi, Toronto CD: Zak Mroueh CW: Jonathan Careless AD: Lance Martin Agency Producer: Louise Blouin Director: David Popescu/Sparks Productions, Toronto Editor: Steve Hawley

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