Car Karma

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Among the outstanding moments in Merkley Newman Harty's new 11-spot package for Mercedes is yet another spot that plays the memory-lane card, but this time from the point of view of the car rather than the driver. "Reincarnation" opens with the destruction of a creaky old Mercedes, then flashes back to important moments in the car's "life." Seventeen scenarios, from birthday parties to changes in ownership, are viewed through the car's windshield, in a stylish procession of eras. Another fine spot highlights Mercedes' roadside service. Driving down a deserted highway, a man comes across three young women stranded on the side of the road. He imagines himself as their savior as he glumly drives past. He keeps driving until he reaches his charge: a balding Mercedes driver who greets him enthusiastically. The kicker: "Our roadside technicians are dedicated. Very dedicated."

Client: Mercedes-Benz Agency: Merkley Newman Harty ECDs: Andy Hirsch, Randy Saitta ADs: Dawn McCarthy, Aaron Eiseman, Abi Aron CW: Laura Fegley Agency Producer: Adina Sales Directors: Rad-Ish/Go Films, Alan White/Radical Media Editor: Kirk Baxter/Final Cut, J.J. Lask/Go Robot Music: Human, Eye to the Soul Music, Craig Snyder Music Effects: Quiet Man

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