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A small New Orleans agency, Trumpet Advertising, is making a big comedy hit with a regional campaign for a Louisiana HMO. Directed by Hungry Man's Jim Jenkins, six spots explore the extreme measures reluctant HMO customers will take to avoid injury and illness. In separate :30s, ultra-paranoid parents prohibit their kids from swinging, make them don riot gear when tossing a Frisbee and saddle them with pads and helmets when they're coloring with crayons. Other spots features teenagers air-kissing to avoid sickness, and a man who wraps himself in bubble pack before leaving the house. The tagline is, "Terrified of being injured? Or just terrified of your HMO?" The ads are "authentic exaggerations" of customers' reactions to HMO red tape, says CD Robbie Vitrano. Based on industry research, "Consumers have gotten really crazy."

Client: The Oath Agency: Trumpet, New Orleans CDs: Pat McGuinness/Robbie Vitrano Agency Producer: Debbie Koppman Director: Jim Jenkins Production Co: Hungry Man Editor/Sound Design: Chris Franklin/Rich Jack/Val Junge, Big Sky

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