Celluloid Zeroes

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Jim Jenkins is back with a TCM cinema spot that dumps all over the cinema. Or rather, the movies. A couple is at the multiplex buying tickets, and all the films have generic titles that describe them to a tee. Like: Visually Stunning But Ultimately Pointless Sequel; Bloated Budget Buddy Movie; Hack Drama Made by Hack Director Using Hack Script; and Cop Goes Outside System to Avenge Death of His Murdered Partner. As the couple tries to find a movie that starts at the right time and isn't sold out, these titles and others are bandied about with a casual tongue-twisting panache. Besides being funny and so true, it's an enunciator's tour de force. "The casting for the man wasn't difficult, because I had the guy in mind when I wrote the spot," says Jenkins. "The girl behind the counter was the toughest part to find, and this is her first spot ever." How ironic that this plays on the big screen, huh? "I thought it was cool when the client at Turner said the art house theaters, which are generally against advertising, are running the spot and they love it."

Client: Turner Classic Movies Agency: nicebigbrain CD/CW/AD: Jim Jenkins Agency Producer: Ralph Laucella Director: Jim Jenkins/Hungry Man Editor/Sound Design: Chris Franklin/Big Sky

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