Cheese Whiz

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Jack in the Box manages to insult the entire City of Brotherly Love in a mere 30 seconds, including the time devoted to the fantasy food shot that clients just can't live without. The Styrofoam-headed Jack orders a neatly groomed, earnestly mild-mannered nerd of an intern to spend six months in Philly doing research for Jack's new Philly cheese steak sandwich. Cut to half a year later; announcing, "I soaked up Philly like a sponge," the intern is back, transformed into a mulleted, gold-chained piece of low-rent trash, coming on to Jack's female assistant. It's a crack worthy of the Liberty Bell.

Client: Jack in the Box Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing CD: Dick Sittig AD: Dave Gassman CWs: Dick Sittig, Robert Goldenberg Agency Producer: Fiona Forsyth Director: Dick Sittig/@radical. media Editor: Brendan O'Carroll/Oasis Editorial Music: Wojahn Bros.

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