Second Citi

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Citibank seems have quite the split personality. The relatively staid and preachy outdoor work that's all over the streets of New York makes quite a contrast with this demented TV campaign for Citi credit cards, directed by Craig Gillespie. A magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, and the bunny immediately assaults him, then rampages through the audience. A man is trying to retrieve a hamster from underneath the blouse of a fat woman, as she 's stapling a "Reward! Lost hamster" sign to a tree. Then she turns around and Maces him. Is it a struggle to make bank spots this silly? "You never have to fight with Fallon to take the ideas further," says Gillespie. "We shot several options for each spot, which were no less insane, and ironically, we had more trouble with the networks than the client. There was concern about animal cruelty in 'Magician,' and it's a CGI bunny, for crying out loud!"

Client: Citibank Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis, CD: David Lubars CW: Dean Buckhorn AD: Harvey Marco Agency Producer: Rob van de Weteringe Buys Director: Craig Gillespie/MJZ Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen/SpotWelders Effects: Sight Effects Music: Michael Sherwood, Christopher Kemp/Elias Sound Design: Mit Out Sound

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