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Portland's Suburban Auto Group and agency R/West, formerly known as Big Ads, has a hilarious spot that aired locally during the Super Bowl - which makes it better than about 95 percent of national Super Bowl commercials. A nebbish is being verbally assaulted by a road-ragin' tough guy at an intersection, and the schlemiel is forced to press the Trunk Monkey button on his dashboard. This allows a chimpanzee wielding a tire iron to emerge from the freshly popped trunk and freshly beat the loudmouth's head in. Then the driver and his monkey high-five each other and the guy complacently says, "OK, get back in the trunk." VO: "The trunk monkey. A revolutionary idea you'll find only at Suburban Auto Group - pending approval by the attorney general." Big John Ashcroft shouldn't have any problem with this.

Client: Suburban Auto Group Agency: R/West CD: Rob Stout Creatives: Hart Rusen, Marc Sobier, Chris Polak Agency Producer: Tracie Davis Director: Derek Barnes/Hidden City Editor: George Mitchell/Mission Control Sound Design Eric Stolberg/Digital One

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