Comedy Off the Scales

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Alaska Airlines has done some nutty work in the past; add an NBA element to its ads and just about anything goes. Hence, in a new Alaska Airlines TV campaign that touts the company's support of the Portland Trailblazers, we're treated to a standout bit of lunacy in a spot called "Prize Cannon." Announces the idiot who's been entrusted with creating Alaska-related basketball promotions, "I've got a promotional idea that Blazer fans are gonna eat up. Alaskan salmon served at over 70 miles an hour!" He proceeds to produce a fish bazooka and starts firing salmon into the stands, where his moronic assistant leaps and dives to catch them like he was going after home runs in a baseball stadium.

Client: Alaska Airlines Agency: WongDoody, Seattle CD: Tracy Wong ACD/CW: John Schofield AD: Jason Black Agency Producer: Brian O'Rourke Director: Jack Barrett/Euro RSCG Tyee MCM Editor: Kelly Vander Linda/Slice Editorial Sound Design: Vince Werner/Clatter & Din

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