Conversation Pieces

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Entertainment Weekly has a low-budget, streetsmart comedy campaign of :30s and :15s from, appropriately enough, New York's do-it-all-themselves Streetsmart Advertising. Themed "Give yourself something better to talk about," this funny stuff could apply to almost anything in the media category, but at least it's funny funny stuff. People badmouth their boss while he's listening on the speakerphone; a guy innocently asks a belly-bloated but unpregnant woman when she's due; a chick admires someone's "cool" shoes at a bus stop only to hear a snarling "They're orthopedic!"; two old buddies meet on a bus and haven't got a damn thing to say to each other; and so on. We're real ballbusters just like EW, so we'll give it only a B+.

Client: Entertainment Weekly Agency: Streetsmart Advertising CW/ADs: C.J. Waldman, Peter Cohen Directors: C.J. Waldman, Peter Cohen Editor: Lucas Spaulding Company

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