Not Just Cookies

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The Girl Scouts, at least in Tennessee's Cumberland Valley, appear to be getting curiously hip, with a strange anim‚-style print campaign that seems almost subversive by traditional Scouting standards. "We want to speak one-to-one with the girls, not so much their parents," explains CD Jeff Buntin Jr. of Nashville's The Buntin Group. "Our idea is to deconstruct the old-world stereotypes about the Girl Scouts, both through language and the visual approach, and then put it all back together in a relevant, contemporary, girl-fluent way. The animation style and copy are intended to give the program an attitude that will resonate. All signs are it's working great."

Client: Girl Scouts of America Agency: The Buntin Group CD: Jeff Buntin Jr. AD: Jason Skinner CW: Ray Reed Illustrator: Jonathan Richter

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