Cool Britannia Redux

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Two effects-driven tours de force from Bartle Bogle Hegarty/London, both posted at Framestore, make us wonder: Why do great American products so often get great British advertising? For Levi's Engineered jeans, directed by Jonathan Glazer and set to a rousing rendition of Handel's Sarabande in D Minor, a young man and woman are having some kind of superhuman competition in which they crash through endless walls in a footrace. They eventually burst out of the building and pause briefly before they resume the race, running up an equally endless tree and finally launching themselves into space to illustrate the tag: "Freedom to move." This busts the clutter as well as it busts the walls. A Microsoft Xbox spot opens on a delivery room scene, where a woman fires a child out of her womb like the tot was a flaming missile. The bawling babe rockets through the air, growing older with each passing second like a Kubrickian time lapse, till he's a howling, wizened old man - only to crash into his final resting place, the grave. The tag: "Life is short. Play more." Like, blimey!

Client: Levi-Strauss Europe Agency: BBH/London CD: Stephen Butler AD: Gavin Lester CW: Antony Goldstein Agency Producer: Andy Gulliman Director: Jonathan Glazer/Academy Editor: Sam Sneade/Sam Sneade Editing Visual Effects: Framestore Music/Sound Design: Jeff Wayne Music Client: Microsoft Xbox Agency: BBH/London CD: John Hegarty AD/CW: Fred & Farid Agency Producer: Andy Gulliman Director: Daniel Kleinman/Spectre Editor: Steve Gandolfi/Cut n' Run Visual Effects: Framestore

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