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How do you sell something as utterly useless as the Polaroid i-Zone camera? Well, since there isn't anything else to do with it, it's being pushed as a nonverbal communications tool and a time-filler with which one creates clever if completely pointless media manipulations with its tiny sticky pics. Hence a very ambitious series of print ad parodies and other images with blank spaces left in them, which run in magazines along with a page of i-Zone sample stickers, so prospective i-Zoners can put them in (in)appropriate places on the ads, making amusing juxtapositions. We put a hotdog in a chick's armpit, and we admit we got a rush out of it. OK, we're buying the damned thing.

Client: Polaroid i-Zone Agency: Leo Burnett USA ECD: Jonathan Hoffman CD: Amy Hahhad AD: Sarah Block Floren CW: Eric Routenberg Photographers: Andrew Martin, Greg Mohrs

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