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There's a school of thought, which we heartily endorse, that says any athletic endeavor is more interesting to watch when females are doing it. Hence our delight at the inevitable rise of Xtreme grrrl sports and accompanying streetwear labels like Grind Queen. In the first of what will be a series of ad portraits, we see Bo-Yee Poon. It's safe to say nobody will be calling her lil' Bo-Yee. "Our goal for Grind Queen is to do for girls skatewear and skateboarding what Roxy did for girls surfwear and surfing," says brand manager/CD Sheareen Redlener. "We'd like to bring more money into the industry for the girls who plan to make a living at skating, and the way to do that is to sell to the girls who don't skate but who love the style and the culture of it. As a skater myself, I see a look of envy in most young women's eyes as I skate by them on the way to the park . . . they all want a piece of that freedom, that coolness." So do we, but we keep tripping over our cuffs.

Client: Grind Queen Agency: In-house CD: Sheareen Redlener AD: Greg Tesdahl Photographer: Brain Lentini

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