Got Damien?

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Is this the best "Got Milk?" spot since "Aaron Burr"? Hell, yeah. An eerily psychic kid on his way to a birthday party, in a chilling, funereal rain, foretells a dog crossing the road in front of his car and a tree falling in front of him, scaring the wits out of his father. Then, when he's finally at the baroquely splendiferous gathering, as everyone is about to start eating the cake, he grimly announces, "Don't eat the cake." There's a series of perfect, tension-building fork-in-midair, cake-stuck-in-mouth shots - then everyone shrugs it off as a bit of the kid's weirdness and starts eating. Instantly, we hear a woman scream, "Oh, no!" Then she runs into the room in a panic with an empty milk carton and we finally we get the no-more-milk payoff. The homage to The Omen is done with loving care, by none other than Noam Murro, who, if he weren't a nice Jewish boy, we'd swear had sold his soul to Satan to get all these killer boards. And the casting of the kid, a Canadian by the name of Cainan Wiebe, as well as the father, Sherman Howard, who does all his acting with his face, is positively devilish.

Client: Calif. Milk Processor Board Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CD: Jeff Goodby AD: Sean Farrell CW: Colin Nissan Agency Producer: Cindy Epps Director: Noam Murro/Biscuit Filmworks Editor: Avi Oron/Bikini Edit Effects: Radium Music: Chip Jenkins/Elias Associates

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