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We love looking at wine bottles, and it's not just because we're shameless drunks. Wine labels frequently feature beautiful design, and this label from Deutsch Design Works, San Francisco (no relation to Deutsch Adverting in New York) for Mondavi's latest gift o' the grape, Io, (pronounced "eye-oh") is no exception. Says CD Barry Deutsch, "The design is like the wine itself, a blend. It draws from the traditional and the contemporary to create an elegant, unique final product." Named after a princess in Greek mythology and a moon of Jupiter, the design interlocks the "I" and the "O" letters to create a temple-like structure in which the goddess resides. The result is a wine lable and bottle so beautifully rendered that we want to run out and get a case. You know, just for decoration.

Client: Robert Mondavi

Agency: Deutsch Design Works, San Francisco CD: Barry Deutsch

Designer: Dawn Janney

Illustrator: Jody Hewgill

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