Dirty Vegas

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There was a time in the '90s when Las Vegas seemed to be pushing a sort of "Disney in the desert" notion of itself, but that time is long gone, and it was overrated anyway, says R&R Partners CD Randy Snow. "The press buzz about Vegas becoming a family destination far outstripped the reality," he insists. Based on the current "Only Vegas" campaign, the town could outstrip every pole-swingin' chick at Scores. We particularly like this recent print ad, headlined "From here she could see the plane he was supposed to be on," which, notes Snow, "represents an evolution in the destination's marketing toward a more self-aware position for the brand that freely acknowledges the fact that Las Vegas is primarily an adult destination. The recent addition of many clubs, ultra-lounges and adult-oriented - OK, topless - shows to the destination are a sign of the city's desire to return to its adult roots." Rock on, funky town!

Client: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority Agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas CD: Randy Snow CWs: Jason Hoff, Jeff Candido ADs: Kris Nolan Young, Diane Vafi Photographer: Ivo von Renner

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