Dirty Vegas

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For a while, Las Vegas was doing the family entertainment thing, but the cycle has come around to Sodom-in-the-sand again, via an unusually sophisticated TV campaign, directed by Bryan Buckley, and the invitation-to-debauchery tag, "What happens here, stays here." So we witness impulsively insane marriages, with a typical businesswoman type saying to her improbable Latin lover, "I have to get back to my convention." Or a group of twentysomething girls are driving out of town, with one defending her one-night stand: "He's a juggler and he had very nice hands." In another spot, a group of middle-aged guys sit glumly at breakfast the morning after something terrible, as one ogles the waitress and another reprimands him for his horniness: "We've got one guy missing in action, all we have are his dentures. What are we gonna say?"

Client: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Agency: R&R Partners/Las Vegas CD: Randy Snow CWs: Jason Hoff, Jeff Candido ADs: Kris Young, Diane Vafi Agency Producer: Don Turley Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man Editor: Andre Betz/Bug Editorial Music: Elias Associates

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