Some Dissembling Required

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Wes "Rushmore" Anderson makes a fairly low-key commercials debut with two Ikea spots in the "Unb"ring" campaign,sans the "You're crazy" Swede, in which soap opera-style family squabbles turn out to be taking place on the "set" of Ikea model rooms. In one spot, a teenage girl announces to her parents that she's pregnant and the father blames the mother, with the rather wooden line, "You're the one who smoked pot in college," though the acting can't be faulted. In the other spot, a woman heats up the kitchen, accusing her man of "tomcatting." In both spots, a friendly Ikea salesman suddenly appears to ask them if they like the room and they quickly put on a happy face and say they'll take it. What's next at Ikea? Nude oil wrestling in the ball room?

Client: Ikea Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami CD: Alex Bogusky ACD: Paul Keister CW: Tom Adams AD: Paul Stechschulte Agency Producer: Rupert Samuel Director: Wes Anderson/Moxie Pictures Editors: Adam Schwartz, Geoff Hounsell/Lost Planet

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