DJ Joyride

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Here's a global Heineken "Thirst" spot, part of a DJ competition that's searching out the world's best record spinners. This :60, which won't air in the U.S., is set in Hong Kong, and offers an engaging exercise in relentless forward-motion film technique, as the camera starts out with an aerial view of the city and ends up in a basement club, discovering a hot Hong Kong DJ, passing by assorted exotic vignettes in the process - like a man putting the finishing touches on a wooden leg. The cool music was composed at Yessian, whose brief, says CD Brian Yessian, was to create a piece "that would catch the attention of young, aspiring DJs, but without using traditional four-on-the-floor beats typical of electronic music."

Client: Heineken Agency: D'Arcy/N.Y. CD: Graham Woodall AD: Jason Levine CW: Eric Quennoy Agency Producer: Colin Pearsall Director: Doug Avery/Villains Editor: Kirk Baxter/Final Cut Effects: Sight Effects Music: Hayley Moss/Yessian Music Sound Design: Christian Stonehouse/Yessian Music

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