Dolly Partin'

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Wherehouse Music and agency Colby & Partners in Santa Monica know how to do cheap, memorable, twisted TV. Late last year it was sick, violent paper-bag theater; now it's sick, violent doll destruction. There's this cute lil' Wherehouse pirate chickie doll, see, that drones on and on with the latest Wherehouse sale info. In one spot it initially entices a little boy - then he's smothering it with a pillow, beating it with a shovel and burying it in the dirt to get it to shut up. In another spot, a little girl quickly tires of the blabbering doll and leaves it for the dog to maul. When she picks it up later and tries to comb the doll's hair, its head falls off, which fazes her not in the least. We salute any company that has the cojones to trash its own eminently disposable icon.

Client: Wherehouse Music Agency: Colby & Partners ECD: Rick Colby ACD/AD: Brad Gantt CW:Jason Sperling Agency Producer: Yuko Ogata Director: Danny Kaufman/Elsewhere Films Editor : Jason Lindsey/Elsewhere Music: Dan Pinella/Matter Music

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