Dorsal Delights

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Every messenger needs a backpack, even if she is a genetically-enhanced human prototype. These latest eye-catching executions in the Jansport "Back Pack" campaign, featuring Dark Angel's Jessica Alba and the ruggedly built Pink, can carry their own weight, and then some.

Client: Jansport Agency: DDB Seattle CD: Laurie Fritts AD: Shari Layman CW: Laurie Fritts Photographer: Catherine Ledner

Save the Files

A series of faux PSAs for, a free storage service on the web, mimic the heartstring-tugging pleas that are usually made on behalf of impoverished children, homeless teens, and nearly-extinct animals. The use of gratuitous pathetic creatures gives the creative team ample opportunity for silly copy, like the sad-eyed seal with the caption "One problem at a time, little guy." Another headline carries the non sequitur "Every 10 seconds thousands of pages are mindlessly cleared from the Web. Won't someone, please, think of the children."

Client: Agency: Bam Advertising CD: Jonathan Balser CW: Jeff Neely AD: Mark Scholes

Family Ties

Lipton's bizarre Sizzle & Stir campaign, in which celebrities without much sizzle are stirred together in a comic stock pot, comes off like a semi-star-studded improv routine. Low-level but recognizable celebs are seemingly randomly assigned typical family roles, and the camera captures their absurd interactions. In one, Chuck Woolery and Sally Jesse Raphael are the parents of Pat Morita and Little Richard. "Little Richard, see if Pat needs help," yells Sally Jesse as the Karate Kid star sets the table. Little Richard grumbles, stalks over to the table, and slams down one fork. "There, I helped," he says petulantly. "Come on guys, can't we have one nice meal together?" asks Sally as the four head to the dinner table. In another spot, Mr. T and Loni Anderson are the parents of a boppy Mary Lou Retton and a videogame-playing George Hamilton.

Client: Lipton Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty/New York CD: Thomas Hayo AD: Gianfranco Arena CW: Peter Kain Agency Producer: Mary Cheney Director: LeMoine Miller Production Company: Editor: Ian McKenzi, McKenzi Cutler

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