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At first glance, this PSA (seen in detail)_could pass for a fashion layout, right down to the "Yes" stamped on her eyes, her bare shoulders, her cleavage, her hemline, her drink and even the couch. But the line drawn from her mouth leads to one little "no." The copy reads, "The message she's sending is clear. Even if you think everything about her is saying `yes,' if you don't stop when she says `no,' that makes you a rapist."

Client: Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury CD/AD: Jac Coverdale CW: Troy Longie Group Brand Director: Gary Hellmer Agency Print Producer: Scott Smith Photographer: Lee Stanford

Beam me up, snotty

French people are intimidating, and they don't like Americans, or so we hear. Therefore, we're delighted to see this Bordeaux-fondling snob reduced to a common dork. Serves him right for wearing a beret with pointy ears. The copy proposes that, "Cycling's only search engine," is the solution for avoiding those pesky French Trekkies liable to pop up on a less specialized search site. Get a vie, dude.

Client: Agency: TDA Advertising & Design CD/CW: Jonathan Schoenberg AD: Thomas Dooley, Dan Richardson CW: Eric Liebhauser Photographer: Brooks Freehill

Prosthetic sensibility

A man straphanging on the subway is thrown backward when the train lurches to a halt. A voiceover asks the rhetorical, "Do you hate going to work?" and advises that the commuter solve his problem by firmly attaching himself to a handhold with a Rice Krispies Treat. This solution proves less than perfect when it results in the man's arm being torn from his body during the next short stop, but in the final shot we see him happily munching away, nonplussed about the hook at the end of his arm. We give this two prongs up. The hook shot, however, is limited to the MTV version; the spot airs elsewhere with a toned-down normal hand.

Client: Rice Krispie Treats Agency: Leo Burnett AD: Lisa Leone CW: Desmond Lavelle ECD/EVP: Jonathan Hoffman Producer: Vincent Geraghty Director: Jim Tozzi DP: Eric Schmidt Production Company: M-80, Santa Monica Postproduction: Sol designfx, Chicago Sound: John Bender

Spokes from the same bent wheel

New print work for a bike emporium in Minnesota and a website for biking gear take the tenderness that zealous cyclists have for their trusty steeds and kick it into 11th gear. In the spread, a sleeping woman caresses the wheel of her bike while her boyfriend sleeps on the floor next to the bed. Maybe he needs training wheels. The Bokoo Bikes ad shows a nice white clapboard garage, where somehow the car has been hung from the ceiling, while the bike rack occupies the floorspace. At least it's not getting axle grease on the sheets.

Client: Bokoo Bikes Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury CD: Jac Coverdale AD: Glenn Gray CW: Troy Longie Brand Development Supervisor: Rob Rankin Agency Print Producer: Scott Smith Photographer: Curtis Johnson

Client: Performance, Inc. Agency: The Martin Agency CD: John Boone, David Oakley AD: John Boone CW: David Oakley Photographer: Eugene Richards Print Producer: Paul Martin Studio Artist: Adam Roth/Mark Brye

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